2017Dipsticks (TV Series)

– Debonair Bums (2017) … Jerry
 2014Locker 13
Doc Herman (segment “story #1”)
 2014Legit (TV Series)

– Loveline (2014) … Dave
 2013/ILucky Charm (Short)
 2012Dishonored (Video Game)
Civilian (voice)
 2012In Plain Sight (TV Series)
Cormac ‘Sully’ Sullivan

– Sacrificial Lam (2012) … Cormac ‘Sully’ Sullivan
– The Medal of Mary (2012) … Cormac ‘Sully’ Sullivan
 2011All Things Fall Apart
Coach Harper
 2010Dexter (TV Series)
Bill Bennett

– The Big One (2010) … Bill Bennett
– Hello, Bandit (2010) … Bill Bennett
– My Bad (2010) … Bill Bennett
 2010NCIS (TV Series)
Frank Smith

– Borderland (2010) … Frank Smith
 2010Jesus Comes to Town (Short)
The Man
 2010Cold Case (TV Series)
Carl Welter ’10

– The Runaway Bunny (2010) … Carl Welter ’10
 2009/IUp in the Air
 2009Compline (Video short)
 2008The Coverup
Chief Wilson
 2007Burn (TV Movie)
Bernie Stubbs
 2007Hollywood Dot Com
 2007Rails & Ties
N.B. Garcia
 2007Saving Grace (TV Series)
Pody Pope

– And You Wonder Why I Lie (2007) … Pody Pope
 2006Vanished (TV Series)
Murphy Manning

– The Tunnel (2006) … Murphy Manning
 2006The Black Dahlia
 2006When a Stranger Calls
Detective Hines
 2005Crash Landing
Detective Cobb
 2002-2005Gilmore Girls (TV Series)

– Women of Questionable Morals (2005) … Sy
– Dead Uncles and Vegetables (2002) … Sy
 2004The Handler (TV Series)
Colin Fitzpatrick

– Wedding Party (2004) … Colin Fitzpatrick
 2004Shallow Ground
Detective Russell
 2003Beat Boys Beat Girls (Short)
Ike Livingston / Charlie
 2003The Guardian (TV Series)
Ron Hassey

– Let God Sort ‘Em Out (2003) … Ron Hassey
 2003The Commission
J. Edgar Hoover
 2003Matchstick Men
Mr. Schaffer
 2003A Man Apart
Ty Frost
 2003Without a Trace (TV Series)
Lt. Col. Bull Carver

– Kam Li (2003) … Lt. Col. Bull Carver
 2002Catch Me If You Can
Paul Morgan

 2002Providence (TV Series)

– Smoke and Mirrors (2002)
 2001The District (TV Series)
Chief Darby

– Tug of War (2001) … Chief Darby
 2001NYPD Blue (TV Series)
Deputy Commissioner Mueller

– Johnny Got His Gold (2001) … Deputy Commissioner Mueller
 2001Black Scorpion (TV Series)
Warden Brickhouse

– Face the Music (2001) … Warden Brickhouse
– Photo Finish (2001) … Warden Brickhouse
– Power Play (2001) … Warden Brickhouse
– Life’s a Gas (2001) … Warden Brickhouse

 2001The Division (TV Series)

– Partners in Crime (2001)
 2000Felicity (TV Series)
Fire Marshal Howard

– And to All a Good Night (2000) … Fire Marshal Howard
 2000Peril (Video)
Detective Marks
 2000Agent Red
Captain Russerl

 2000Any Day Now (TV Series)

– The Dust of Life (2000)
 2000Chicago Hope (TV Series)
McNeil’s Coxarthrosis Patient

– Thoughts of You (2000) … McNeil’s Coxarthrosis Patient
 2000Judging Amy (TV Series)
Ed Dunsmore

– Drawing the Line (2000) … Ed Dunsmore
 1999Battlezone II: Combat Commander (Video Game)
Ensemble (voice)
 1999Stealth Fighter
Captain Thomson
 1999Diplomatic Siege
 1999Three Secrets (TV Movie)
 1999Profiler (TV Series)
Leo Cantrell

– Seduction (1999) … Leo Cantrell
 1999The ’60s (TV Movie)
Big Max
 1998Pensacola: Wings of Gold (TV Series)

– We Are Not Alone (1998) … Sheriff
 1997-1998JAG (TV Series)
Master Chief Petty Officer Max Sullivan

– Chains of Command (1998) … Master Chief Petty Officer Max Sullivan
– Crossing the Line (1997) … Master Chief Petty Officer Max Sullivan
 1998Ask Harriet (TV Series)

– Turn Your Head & Kafka (1998) … Jerry
 1997Murder One: Diary of a Serial Killer (TV Mini-Series)

– Episode #1.4 (1997) … Detective
– Episode #1.3 (1997) … Detective
– Episode #1.5 (1997) … Detective
– Episode #1.2 (1997) … Detective
– Episode #1.6 (1997) … Detective
 1997Melrose Place (TV Series)
Detective Smith

– A Bump in the Night (1997) … Detective Smith
 1997Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (TV Series)
Mr. Stone (segment “Secret of the Family Tomb”) / Mr. Stone

– E-Mail/Cup of Joe/Secret of the Family Tomb/Wheezer/The Unknown Patient (1997) … Mr. Stone (segment “Secret of the Family Tomb”)
– Secret of the Family Tomb (1997) … Mr. Stone
 1997Con Air
Guard Falzon
 1997Murder One (TV Series)

– Chapter Thirteen, Year Two (1997) … Detective
 1997Sleeping with the Devil (TV Movie)
Wes Dubrovich
 1996The Pretender (TV Series)
Cedar Point Sheriff

– To Serve and Protect (1996) … Cedar Point Sheriff
 1995-1996Diagnosis Murder (TV Series)
Russ Marsh / Coz the Bartender

– FMurder (1996) … Russ Marsh
– All American Murder (1995) … Coz the Bartender
 1996The Sweeper (Video)
Shark’s Manager
 1996Murphy Brown (TV Series)
Buchanan Operative

– The Bus Stops Here (1996) … Buchanan Operative
 1996The Rockford Files: If the Frame Fits… (TV Movie)
Special Agent Millard Weeks
 1995The Commish (TV Series)
Chief Aaron Darrow

– In the Shadows of the Gallows (1995) … Chief Aaron Darrow
 1995Last Man Standing (Video)
Lt. Darnell Seagrove
 1995ER (TV Series)

– Make of Two Hearts (1995) … Lorenzo
 1995Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (TV Series)

– Chi of Steel (1995) … Doorman

 1994Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero (TV Series)

 1994The X-Files (TV Series)
Sheriff Mazeroski

– Red Museum (1994) … Sheriff Mazeroski
 1994Picket Fences (TV Series)
Lt. Col. Joseph Brent

– The Bus Stops Here (1994) … Lt. Col. Joseph Brent
 1994The Scout
Clubhouse Manager
 1994Wagons East
 1994Tonya & Nancy: The Inside Story (TV Movie)
Ted Raynor
 1993Ground Zero Texas (Video Game)
 1993Saved by the Bell: The College Years (TV Series)
The Coach

– Pilot (1993) … The Coach
Det. Phillip
 1993L.A. Law (TV Series)
Attorney Hamman

– Testing, Testing, 1… 2… 3… 4 (1993) … Attorney Hamman
 1993Robot Wars
 1993Dying to Love You (TV Movie)
 1993Wings (TV Series)

– The Key to Alex (1993) … Murray
 1993Blood In, Blood Out
Hollenbeck Captain
 1993Doogie Howser, M.D. (TV Series)
Stage Guard

– You’ve Come a Long Way, Babysitter (1993) … Stage Guard
 1992Seinfeld (TV Series)
Cop #1

– The Ticket (1992) … Cop #1
– The Pitch (1992) … Cop #1 (credit only)
 1991Perfect Crimes (TV Movie)
Wilson Greeves
 1991FBI: The Untold Stories (TV Series)
Fred Hackman

– Tony Kiritsis … Fred Hackman
 1990-1991Equal Justice (TV Series)
Detective Dankowski

– Opening Farewell (1991) … Detective Dankowski
– Separate Lives (1990) … Detective Dankowski
– Cop’s Story (1990) … Detective Dankowski
– Promises to Keep (1990) … Detective Dankowski
– A Sucker’s Bet (1990) … Detective Dankowski
 1991The New Adam-12 (TV Series)
Mr. Harden

– Crack House (1991) … Mr. Harden
 1990Matlock (TV Series)
Steve Miller

– The Biker (1990) … Steve Miller
 1990Nightmare on the 13th Floor (TV Movie)
Hotel Doorman
 1990Falcon Crest (TV Series)
Lieutenant Thayne

– Danny’s Song (1990) … Lieutenant Thayne
 1990By Dawn’s Early Light (TV Movie)
 1990Days of Our Lives (TV Series)
Col. Alfred Jericho

– Episode #1.6208 (1990) … Col. Alfred Jericho

 1989Mancuso, FBI (TV Series)

– Murder of Pearl (1989)
 1989Desperado: Badlands Justice (TV Movie)
 1989Life Goes On (TV Series)
Scolassi / Gary Scolassi

– Ordinary Heroes (1989) … Scolassi
– Paige’s Date (1989) … Scolassi
– Pilot (1989) … Gary Scolassi
 1989Field of Dreams
Eddie Cicotte – P
 1988Valerie (TV Series)
Plainclothes Cop

– Animal House (1988) … Plainclothes Cop

 1987Houston Knights (TV Series)

– Secrets (1987)
 1987The Hidden
Agent Stadt
 1987Buck James (TV Series)
Robert Lee Connors

– Sins of the Father (1987) … Robert Lee Connors
 1987Starman (TV Series)

– Starscape: Part 1 (1987) … Foreman
 1987Cagney & Lacey (TV Series)

– Turn, Turn, Turn: Part 1 (1987) … Bartender
 1987Moonlighting (TV Series)
Bakery Clerk

– Blonde on Blonde (1987) … Bakery Clerk
 1984-1987Scarecrow and Mrs. King (TV Series)
Senator Castleton / Douglas Harriman

– Any Number Can Play (1987) … Senator Castleton
– Double Agent (1984) … Douglas Harriman
 1986MacGyver (TV Series)

– Twice Stung (1986) … Tony
 1986The Deliberate Stranger (TV Movie)
 1986Acceptable Risks (TV Movie)
Jerry Haywood
 1986The Colbys (TV Series)

– The Turning Point (1986) … Mahoney
 1986Crazy Like a Fox (TV Series)
Kirk Stoner

– Hearing Is Believing (1986) … Kirk Stoner
 1985Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV Series)
Police Captain

– Prisoners (1985) … Police Captain
 1985Hill Street Blues (TV Series)
Harry Steel

– What Are Friends For? (1985) … Harry Steel
 1985The A-Team (TV Series)

– There Goes the Neighborhood (1985) … Taylor
 1985Streets of Justice (TV Movie)
Public Relations officer
 1985Mirrors (TV Movie)
CIA Agent
 1985Heart of a Champion: The Ray Mancini Story (TV Movie)
Male Reporter
 1984Silence of the Heart (TV Movie)
Ed Rintal
 1984St. Elsewhere (TV Series)
Detective Thibideaux

– Breathless (1984) … Detective Thibideaux (as Stephen Eastin)
 1984The Cowboy and the Ballerina (TV Movie)
FBI agent
 1984T.J. Hooker (TV Series)
Pete Tebbetts

– Psychic Terror (1984) … Pete Tebbetts (as Stephen Eastin)
 1984After MASH (TV Series)

– Chief of Staff (1984) … Patient
 1981The Patricia Neal Story (TV Movie)
Frank Gilroy
 1981Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker
Coach Tom Landers
 1981The Devil and Max Devlin
Larry Binder
 1980Trouble in High Timber Country (TV Movie)
Bob Elston
 1980Cloud Dancer
 1979CHiPs (TV Series)
Peter Dunslay

– Return of the Supercycle (1979) … Peter Dunslay
 1979The Best Place to Be (TV Movie)
 1979Crisis in Mid-air (TV Movie)
 1978The Clone Master (TV Movie)
 1978Happily Ever After (TV Movie)
First Workman
 1978ABC Afterschool Specials (TV Series)

– It’s a Mile from Here to Glory (1978) … Doctor
 1978The Six Million Dollar Man (TV Series)

– Walk a Deadly Wing (1978) … Ritter
 1977The Waltons (TV Series)

– The Milestone (1977) … Airman
 1977Mulligan’s Stew (TV Series)

– Ah, Wilderness (1977) … Ranger
 1977Little House on the Prairie (TV Series)
Shell game barker

– Meet Me at the Fair (1977) … Shell game barker
 1977Wonder Woman (TV Series)

– I Do, I Do (1977) … Johnny
 1974-1976Petrocelli (TV Series)
Bob Gerber / Eastin / Detective Brock / …

– Any Number Can Die (1976) … Bob Gerber
– A Deadly Vow (1975) … Eastin
– Too Many Alibis (1975) … Detective Brock
– Five Yards of Trouble (1975) … Martin
– A Fallen Idol (1975) … Policeman
 1974Night Games (TV Movie)
Airline Officer
 1972Joe Kidd
Rider (uncredited)